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Data structures for message catalogs.


Representation of a single message in a catalog.


(Not documented)


(Not documented)


(Not documented)


Representation of a message catalog.


(Not documented)


(Not documented)

add(self, id, string=None, locations=, flags=, auto_comments=, user_comments=)

Add or update the message with the specified ID.

>>> catalog = Catalog()
>>> catalog.add(u'foo')
>>> catalog[u'foo']
<Message u'foo'>

This method simply constructs a Message object with the given arguments and invokes __setitem__ with that object.

param id:the message ID, or a (singular, plural) tuple for pluralizable messages
param string:the translated message string, or a (singular, plural) tuple for pluralizable messages
param locations:
 a sequence of (filenname, lineno) tuples
param flags:a set or sequence of flags
param auto_comments:
 a sequence of automatic comments
param user_comments:
 a sequence of user comments

See ApiDocs/0.8, Documentation

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